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Elder Days Story Time's Frequently Asked Questions
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ego_sideways wrote in e_d_s_t
Sorry folks, I've not been feeling very author-y lately. Expect crazy editing of this article as the facts and my perception of them change, and as my hummus levels increase. For now, just the F.A.Q.'s, ma'am.

Where am I and why am I here?
You're in the Internet, and presumably on the planet Earth. As for why, I wrote a column about that. Check it out.

Where are all the articles? I can only see, like, three.
When people submit questions, the answer will usually be the first comment. If I'm writing the article myself (O rare portent), I'll usually hide most of it behind a cut for the sake of my subscribers' friends pages. Yes, this means you have to click to read my stuff. This is the Internet; one click more or less does not a huge difference make.

Are we there yet?
No. Learn to enjoy the journey; the destination is really no great shake.

Do I need a LiveJournal account to ask a question?
No. You do need to get in touch with me somehow, but this is not terribly difficult. I take requests through every input channel I've got. Nobody's tapped one out against my proprioceptive sense, but I'm sure it's only a matter of time. From some of the reader input I've been getting, I'm tempted to just incorporate all the LJ requests into me-penned articles anyway, but for now laziness prevails.

Scooby Doo, where are you?
Rhere is no Rooby-Doo, onry Zuul!

Why LiveJournal, anyway? You could make your own website to do this sort of thing much better.
You might be able to. I'm old and crusty and have the opposite of web-savvy. LJ provides a user-friendly, not-too-obnoxious framework that almost sort of fits my needs, and requires no coding efforts from me. Any fans who want to whip me up a delightful website for hosting on Nearly Free Speech or something, feel free, but I doubt it'll happen soon. I can't even get a proper logo on the budget I've allocated.

That reminds me: Open call for fanart! I really need a well-designed banner graphic and maybe some user icons, but any kind of submission has a decent shot of starring in some future incarnation of the site. Get creative, and contact me if you want a starting point or more details. Good luck, and thank you!


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