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Paint and Islanders
EDST wily
ego_sideways wrote in e_d_s_t
I appreciate the occasional question that exceeds my boundaries, because it makes me expand my horizons in order to answer it properly. If it happens too often, though, I might meet my limits. I'm only human, after all, no matter what certain of my ex-lovers might tell you.

Dear EDST,
How do you make the color Octerine to paint with?

Dear J,

I'm glad you came to me. An experienced painter would have told you to shove off or reacted with fear to such a serious inquiry about an imaginary color, but not I! I've been scouring the world for a solution to your problem, and now I have one!

In sunny Hawai'i lives an artist who only paints flowers. He grinds real gemstones to pigment his paints, and this adds a startling life and depth to his ruby-red roses and emerald stems and leaves. Inspired by his success, I embarked on a series of experiments to determine how to create the color octarine.

I've discovered that an 80-20 mix of powdered alexandrite and "desert glass" amethyst will, when mixed into paint base, seem to emit an eerie octarine glow. Please be warned, however, that the alexandrite is vanishingly rare and the amethyst is highly radioactive.

Hope this helps. Have a nice day.

Chromatically Yours,
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