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It's that time again.
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ego_sideways wrote in e_d_s_t
It's time for Elder Days Story time to resume.

With the new season, we are proud to bring you a new format!

First, I'd like to introduce our new staff artist, Marika Purisima, called "Meeks" around the studio because, well, she's meek. The studio pays her much more than it pays me, so treat her with according respect. I hear she got written into the will of the Earth, too, so that's another reason to stay on her good side.

Secondly, I'm sorry to say that the trial of figuring out how to post the new content to LiveJournal has defeated me. I don't think I'll move site any time soon, but it's become necessary to outsource a bit.

And so, combining thesis and antithesis into glorious synthesis, we give you . . . a hyperlink!

As I did last time, the first entry to this new domain is a rehash of old content. But have faith, gentle readers. Next week, a show of astronomic scope!


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