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Gone Postal
new froggy
citystate wrote in e_d_s_t
Dear EDST,

why, oh why, do we hear nothing about gruntled postal workers?



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Gruntled postal workers don't cause any trouble. They don't make any headlines. They just gruntle along, gruntling quietly to themselves as they go about their daily tasks like good little grunts.

My own mother was a postal worker in her final years in the work force (because beat cop and schoolmarm weren't stressful enough for her tastes), and she'd have got quite disgruntled indeed by the practices and organizational culture that pervade the postal service, but she didn't.

Because they drugged her.

Yes, postal services the world over are putting their employees on mood levelers, antidepressants, and antipsychotics en masse in order to prevent violent disgruntlement, and it works, too. If you stop taking your drugs and they find out about it, they fire you, so the news reporters only get blood if somebody's really good at keeping secrets.

I can't help but think they could save money by just treating their employees better, but I'm not a monolithic bureaucracy and am therefore not in a position to judge.

Yours in Questionable Gruntlement,
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