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It's like a radio show, except it's a blog instead! Whee!
Hi, and welcome to Elder Days Story Time! I'm your host, Michael. Call in and my inhumanly capable producer Janine will sort your queries into something I can handle, and then we'll have our show every few evenings! (Except in the spring, apparently.)

And now, For Your Benefit, the boilerplate disclaimer.

Elder Days Story Time is for entertainment purposes only, and does not purport to be 100% factual. Any submitted question which receives an answer will receive an Elder Days Story Time answer. Elder Days Story Time is not meant to be any kind of advice column. The characters in Elder Days Story time are not role models. Elder Days Story Time is not intended to be used as a contraceptive device. Elder Days Story Time may cause dizziness, hallucination, loose bowels, increased sexual, gambling, or other urges, or death. Do not taunt Elder Days Story Time . . .